Board of Trustees

Regular Meetings
Regular meetings are held once a month, on the second Tuesday, beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the Ted J. Comstock Administration Building, 619 S. Canyon Street, Nampa, Idaho. Special meetings are also called when necessary. All meetings are open to the public.
State law permits the Board to go into executive session to discuss personnel, negotiations, property, or legal matters. No vote on any issue may be taken in executive session.
Board agendas are posted at the District Office, Nampa High School, Skyview High School, and Columbia High Schoolat least 48 hours before a regular meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting.

Agendas will also be posted on this website at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Addressing the Board
Meetings of the Board of Trustees follow a standard, published agenda. The Chairman of the Board presides at all meetings. Patrons who wish to address the Board must complete a form and submit it to the Clerk of the Board. Depending on time constraints, comments from the public may be allowed. The Chairman may limit the length of comments and may ask for groups of patrons to appoint a single spokesman.

Privacy Law and Employees’ Rights
The rights of employees, students, and others are protected by various laws and policies. At a public meeting of the Board of Trustees, no person shall orally initiate charges or complaints against students or individual employees of the district.
All complaints, concerns, or challenges regarding a specific school or individual should be registered first at the building level with the appropriate teacher or administrator. Experience has shown that this is the best procedure. The Board is the final level of appeal. All concerns, if presented to the Board directly, will be referred back to the building administrator or Superintendent for investigation.
 Board of Trustees Nampa School District

Zone 1
Vice Chairman              
Mandy Simpson, Trustree    
Occupation: Math teacher 
Boise School District
Term expires: June 2019

 Janelle Zone 2
Janelle Stauffer, Trustee
Occupation: Clinical Social Worker 
Term expires: June 2019
 Otten Zone 3            
Bob Otten, Trustee
Occupation: Retired
Term expires: June 2017

 McGourty Zone 4
Dr. Brian McGourty, Trustee
Occupation: Optometrist
Term expires: June 2017

 Fuller Zone 5
Mike Fuller, Trustee
Occupation: LDS Seminary
Term expires: June 2017

 board clerk You may also contact
Board Clerk
Tammy Wallen
Ext. 1010