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Our Executive Director of Elementary Education is Gerald Williams. He oversees the district's preschool and schools serving students in kindergarten through 5th grade. He may be reached at 468-4601 ext. 1096.


Nampa Early Childhood Center
1701 Discovery Place, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 498-0560 Fax: 468-2810 

Gina White, Principal
Leti Salazar, Office Manager


Centennial Elementary
522 Mason Lane, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4627; Fax: 468-2814

Dr. Paul Harman, Principal
Monique McDermott, Office Manager
Robyn Farney, Secretary

Central Elementary
1415 5th Street S., Nampa, 83651
Phone: 468-4611; Fax: 208-475-1875 

Tami Vandeventer, Principal
Cindy Crooke, Office Manager
Juanita Rodriguez, Receptionist

Endeavor Elementary
2824 E. Victory Rd., Nampa, 83687
Phone: 468-4629; Fax: 468-2822

Dominic de la Paz, Principal
Edith Ruiz, Office Manager
Julie Anne Michaelson, Assistant Secretary

Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary
1901 W. Roosevelt, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4620 Fax: 468-2819

Shawn Tegethoff, Principal
Susan McKay, Office Manager
Tammy Peterson, Secretary

Greenhurst Elementary
1701 Discovery Place, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4612 Fax: 468-2810
Gina White, Principal
Sheila Porter, Office Manager

Iowa Elementary
626 W. Iowa, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4621 Fax: 468-2815

Chance Whitmore, Principal, 2015-16
Kimberly Porter, Office Manager
Kara Coombs, Receptionist

Lake Ridge Elementary
615 Burke Lane, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4626 Fax: 468-2824

Steve LaBau, Principal
, Office Manager
Linda Vargas, Receptionist

New Horizons Dual Language Magnet
5226 Southside Blvd, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4623; Fax: 468-2825

Valerie Cleverly, Principal
Violet Godina, Office Manager
Eulalia Covera, Receptionist

Owyhee Elementary
2300 W. Iowa Ave, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4616; Fax: 468-2820

Chuck Silzly, Principal
Nan Kaiserman, Office Manager
Tracy Diplock, Receptionist

Park Ridge Elementary
3313 Parkridge Dr., Nampa, 83687
Phone: 468-4622; Fax: 468-2817

Amy Taylor, Principal
Elsie Marez, Office Manager
Jessica Deem, Receptionist

Ronald Reagan Elementary
3400 Southside Blvd., Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4619; Fax: 468-2821

Laurie Maughan, Principal
Brooke Burgess, Office Manager
Shawna Chacartegui, Secretary

Sherman Elementary
1521 E. Sherman Ave, Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4628; Fax: 468-2816

Dr. Sherry Marsh, Principal
Dayna Bailey, Office Manager
Emma Vasquez, Secretary

Snake River Elementary
500 Stampede Dr., Nampa, 83687
Phone: 468-4614; Fax: 468-2818

Karla Reynolds, Principal
Petra Gervais, Office Manager
Elia Lopez, Receptionist

Willow Creek Elementary
198 N. Elementary Ln, Nampa, 83651
Phone: 468-4617; Fax: 468-4618

Scott Knopp, Principal
Ruth Valdez, Office Manager
Tammy Stoffle, Receptionist

Executive Director of Secondary Education Scott Parker oversees our middle schools. You may reach him at 468-4601ext. 1150.

 East Valley Middle School
4085 E. Greenhurst Rd., Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4760; Fax: 468-4762
Attendance Line: 468-4761

Matt Crist, Principal
Dave Hagen, Vice Principal
Anne Crimbchin, Dean of Students
Kareen Welsh, Office Manager

Lone Star Middle School
11055 Lone Star Road, Nampa, 83651
Phone: 468-4745; Fax: 468-2828
Attendance Line: 468-4746

Greg Heideman, Principal
Ryan Curry, Vice Principal
Jason Gallon, Dean of Students
Cari Dunn, Office Manager

South Middle School
229 W. Greenhurst Rd., Nampa, 83686
Phone: 468-4740; Fax: 468-2826
Attendance Line: 468-4741

Stuart Vickers, Principal
John Emerson, Vice Principal
Rommie Lewis, Dean of Students / AD
Jacquie Davlin, Office Manager

West Middle School
28 S. Midland Blvd., Nampa, 83651
Phone: 468-4750; Fax: 468-2809
Attendance Line: 468-4751

Stefanie Duby, Principal
Geoff Kappes, Vice Principal
Drew Hellwege, Dean of Students
Kathleen Overstreet, Office Manager
Executive Director of Secondary Education Scott Parker oversees our schools serving students in grades 6 through 12. You may reach him at 468-4601ext. 1150.


Columbia High School
301 S. Happy Valley Road, Nampa, 83687
Phone: 498-0571; Fax: 498-0573
Attendance: 498-0572

Cory Woolstenhulme, Principal
Nick Stern, Vice Principal
Phil Diplock, Vice Principal
Jenniefer Ankenman, Dean
Randy Potter, Activities Director
Kristin Perales, Office Manager

Nampa High School
203 Lake Lowell Ave., Nampa, 83686
Phone: 498-0551; Fax: 468-2829
Attendance: 498-0552

Diana Molino, Principal
Cortney Stauffer, Vice Principal
Michelle Tripp, Vice Principal
Dax Chandler, Dean of Students
Ty Thomas, Activities Director
Shari Warren, Office Manager

Skyview High School
1303 E. Greenhurst Rd., Nampa, 83686
Phone: 498-0561; Fax: 468-2833
Attendance: 498-0562

Will Barber, Principal
Rick Jordan, Vice Principal
Jared Wang, Vice Principal
Carlene Foruria, Dean of Students
Eric Bonds, Activities Director
Carole Woolstenhulme, Office Manager


Idaho Center for Advanced Technology
and Career & Technical Education Programs

Jewels Carpenter, Director, 468-4600, ext. 1089
Clay Long, Assistant Director, 208-697-1912
Rosalie Sanders, 468-4600, ext. 1047


506 Fletcher Dr, Nampa, ID 83686
Phone: 208-498-0559 Fax: 208-468-2832

Carleen Schnitker, Principal
Jason Reddy, Vice Principal
Xantie Roeder, Office Manager

Opening Fall 2018! Grades 9-10
Adding grade 11 in 2019
Adding grade 12 in 2020

Our district has authorized two charter schools that operate independently with separate governing boards. The liaison for these schools is Assistant Superintendent Dr. Nicole MacTavish. She may be reached at 468-4601, ext. 1090.

Idaho Arts Charter School
Serving students in grades 1-12
1220 5th St. N.
Nampa, ID 83687
Phone: 208 463-4324
Fax: 208 468-468-0572

Gem Prep Charter School
Serving students in grade K-4
(sharing space with New Horizons Dual Language Magnet School)
5226 Southside Blvd.
Nampa, ID 83686
Phone: 208-639-6677
Principal: Stacey Walker

Pathways in Education Charter School
Opening Fall 2017*
Serving students in grades 9-12
Call: 473-0320 for information



Gateways ELEMENTARY & Secondary
94 N. Canyon St. Nampa, 83651
Phone: 498-0557; Fax: 468-2834
Cyndi Cook, Principal
Kristy Sims, Office Manager
Michelle Noe, Secretary

Dewey House (PREP)
312 Dewey St., Nampa, 83686
Phone: 465-6769